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Food production still affected

Paris Food experts have drawn "Anaboliset Aineet" up the first global map "Anabolika Definition" of how the El Nino weather phenomenon affects production of four key cereals.

El Nino improves the global yield of soybeans by 2.1 to 5.4%, but changes the yields of maize, rice and wheat by 4.3 to +0.8%, they said.

It occurs when a huge mass of warm water builds in the western Pacific and eventually shifts to the eastern side Comprar Levitra of the ocean.

The warmth typically brings exceptional rainfall to usually arid countries in western South America and causes drought and dryness in the tropical western Pacific, with knock on effects in other continents.

The "Oxandrolone Powder India" return of the pendulum, La Bolt 200m Nina, is Buy Equipoise For Horses a cold phase that usually occurs the following year.

The study, led by Toshichika Iizumi of the National Institute for Agro Environmental Sciences in Tsukuba, Japan, is based on harvest data in producer countries from 1984 to 2004.

El Nino, they found, has a negative impact on maize in the southeastern United States, China, East and West Africa, Mexico and Indonesia.

Conversely, El Ninos have a positive effect on about a third of land where these four crops are grown.

Beneficiaries include Brazil Equipoise Bloat and Argentina for maize; the United States and Brazil for soybean; rice in parts of China and Indonesia, and wheat in Argentina and parts of South Africa.

The UN's World Meteorological Organisation said on 14 April that there was a "fairly large potential" for an El Nino "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" to develop by the end of 2014.

El Nino events occur roughly every three to seven years, but became more frequent and intense in the late 20th century, with the 1982 3 and 1997 8 episodes the strongest of all.